Anchor Fuel Programs

Manage Your Fuel Costs, Fuel Deliveries and Heating System

  • The Equalized Payment Plan

    This interest-free payment plan that allows you to divide your fuel costs into equal monthly payments. You have the option of deducting the monthly fixed amount from a checking or savings account, or automatically applying charges to a credit card.

    This is a FREE program.

  • Automatic Fuel Deliveries

    Ensure your peace of mind. We’ll keep an eye on the weather, monitor your typical usage and schedule deliveries for you accordingly. We won’t deliver a drop more oil than you need and you’ll never have to worry about checking your oil gauge or calling in an order. Best yet, Automatic customers always pay the lowest price of the day when they pay their bill within 10 days of delivery.

    This is a FREE program.


    We thank you for referring your neighbors and friends. To show our appreciation we apply a *$25 credit to your account and a *$25  credit to our new customer once they take a delivery. Spread the word. *Applicable toward a future fuel delivery.

  • Ultra Guard, Tank Additive

    When it comes to additives, we’ve done our homework and we like Ultra Guard. Ultra Guard contains fuel stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors. In short, it protects your oil tank from internal corrosion. Combined with an annual tune up, Ultra Guard helps your burner operate at peak efficiency. Initial treatment = one 8oz bottle for a 275 gallon tank. Cost $20.00 per 8oz bottle.

  • Low Pour, Tank Additive

    Low Pour is a fuel additive designed for oil tanks exposed to freezing temperatures (like outdoor oil tanks). In severely cold temperatures, oil can gel, stop flowing, clog your oil line and shut your burner down. Low Pour lowers the gelling temperature of your oil. Low Pour should be added just prior to a delivery (delivery agitates your fuel and blends the oil and Low Pour together) and before the temperature drops. One 16oz. bottle treats 250 gallons. Cost $20.00 per 16 oz bottle.

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

    Anchor Fuel participates in the LIHEAP program. To see if you qualify contact the East Bay Community Action office: 401.437.5102


We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding any of our programs or products.

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